︎︎︎INSECTA: Exhibition Design

Environment design, Branding and Advertising

INSECTA is an exhition starring insects at the Museum of Natural History. The branding consists of an exploration of expression and form using not only characteristics of bug spray but implying a sense of NO WEAPONS ALLOWED.

︎︎︎Earth’s Amphibians

Cover design, editorial, content

Earth’s Amphibians is a magazine showcasing the creatures of Earth. First issue displaying the coolest of them all: African Dwarf Frogs.

︎︎︎Children’s Guide to Sumerian

Book cover design, content, branding

The Children’s Guide to Sumerian is a useless object study with a play on dead language.

︎︎︎Mermaid Parade

Poster design, custom typography

Mermaid Parade is Coney Island’s annual art parade celebrating mythology and seaside rituals.

Collabortation with Tarini Sharma︎

︎︎︎Baby Teeth Movie Intro

Motion graphics, custom typography

“Baby Teeth” is a movie based on the original book narrated by both a mother and a daughter. With a rocky relationship- it’s enough to lead the mother to think that her daughter wants her dead.

Click the image to watch!︎

︎︎︎Yo La Tengo Album Cover

Album cover design, custom typography

︎︎︎Red Cross Salt

Package design, custom typography

︎︎︎Sweet Botanicals

Package design, custom typography

Sweet botanicals is a fruity hard candy.

︎︎︎Kingsland Posters

Poster design, custom typography

The Kingsland is a local Brooklyn venue that is not only a bar with good pizza, but hosts hardcore and metal shows in the back.